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Collision Questions

No, although witnesses can be listed on any unit page. The only exception to this is for bus accidents. Only the driver and injured passengers need to be listed on the traffic collision report. All non-injured passengers are to be listed on a sheet of paper to be included with the traffic collision report.
You can either darken the "Y" bubble or leave this information blank.
If a KY license, verify the SSN through LINK and obtain the new driver's license number.
Driver and passengers in the unit.
Do not complete operator's license number, state, operator's restrictions, compliance, CDL information.
Yes, although it is also acceptable to complete a unit page with only the hit and run bubble darkened under Unit Type.
Yes. When submitting the diagram, include the Agency ORI, Master File Number, and Local Code (if applicable).
Yes, because the bicycle is not a motor vehicle: the diagrams on the unit pages only pertain to motor vehicles.
No, this just provides separate areas to list up to three types of property that were damaged. If there were more than three types, explain in the narrative.
Enter the notified time and time arrived for the first officer arriving at the scene.
If copies of the photos can be released to the public, then the agency can be listed on the report, otherwise no.
If there is no diagram, the diagram area can be used or a blank sheet of paper can be used (remember to include the agency ORI, master file number, and local code).
At the time of the collision, if there are mandatory turning lanes active, these lanes do not count as a roadway lane.
Enter the information that best describes the roadway that he/she was traveling on before the vehicle went off the road.
If travel direction is marked; then the number of lanes should be entered. Otherwise, it can be left blank. Do not use the roadway number of lanes.
Darken the parking lot Y bubble for collisions occurring at gas stations or truck stops. Enter the business name and/or address in the Roadway Name. Do not enter Roadway # and mile point information.
Use the closest city for which there is a city code. The city code selected must be in the same county where the traffic collision occurred.
No, list county numbered roads in the Roadway Name area. Roadway Number is only used for state and federal numbered routes (US, KY, interstates, and parkways).
Yes, as long as it was not an intentional act. If the individual jumped out of the pickup truck, this is not a traffic collision, because it was intentional.
No, this was an intentional act; a traffic collision is unintentional.
Yes, but remember to "darken" the bubbles.
If a copy of the report is given to the public before the report is processed by KSP, this risks the chance that the report may be returned to the agency for correction. Agencies may want to indicate on the report copy that it is a DRAFT copy and may not be the FINAL copy.
KSP will manually mail back daily reports that have been processed the previous day. If accessing the CRASH intranet application, the status of the report (accepted, rejected, unedited) will display.
No, the Commonwealth was not in compliance with information requested from the Federal government.
The traffic collision report is a legal document. Any corrections to the report will need to be made by the submitting agency.
No, #8 for Person Type=Owner. This will be corrected in the next printing of the manual.

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